Chiropractor Murfreesboro

Posted on Mar 16, 2017

Revolution Health Center is your premier chiropractor Murfreesboro. If you have debilitating headaches, you’re going to want to make an appointment and get some help on the road to healing.

Chiropractor Murfreesboro

Did you know the majority of people suffer from headaches? Take a look around your house or office– wherever people gather– and just ask the simple question, “Anyone here have a headache?” Watch the hands go up in the air and listen for the word “Yes!” Whether dull or throbbing, headaches are bothersome. Some people have to grit their teeth just to make it through the day with a bad headache. Others pop pills to help take the pain away. What about going to a chiropractor for headaches, though? Is that an option?


At Revolution Health Center, your chiropractor Murfreesboro will assess your needs and then work on you accordingly. Chances are you’ve got some tension in your head that’s originating from your neck. Spinal manipulation may be done to relieve that tension. Furthermore, the chiropractor will ask about your daily habits. Could what you eat and drink be causing the headaches? Could sitting at a desk for long periods of time staring at a screen be the culprit?

Headache Triggers

What triggers headaches? The majority of them come from muscle tension in the neck. You might have joint irritation in other areas close by, too, such as your shoulders or upper back. Less commonly but still significant, headaches might be triggered by environmental stimuli (loud noises, bright lights), certain foods (or lack thereof), and physical behaviors such as excessive exercise or extreme blood sugar changes. Take time to discuss your lifestyle with your chiropractor Murfreesboro in order to get to the logical conclusion regarding what’s triggering your headaches.

Battling Headaches

Some of the things you can do to relieve headache tension on your own include moving around rather than staying in one fixed location too long. Get up out of your seat and stretch. Turn your neck side-to-side and move it up and down a couple times. Exercise your body when possible. Splash some cold water on your forehead and/or put an ice pack on it. This tends to help a lot of people. Furthermore, drink more water. Your body might be dehydrated and that’s why your head hurts so bad.

Chiropractic Murfreesboro Advice

Your chiropractor Murfreesboro can help you with headaches in a number of ways, including making spinal manipulation/adjustments, recommending changes in your diet, and showing you valuable tips when it comes to your posture and relaxation techniques. Relief is possible! Call 615-867-7693 for headache help today.


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