Chiropractic tips on how to hold a phone while talking to avoid health issues.

How To Hold Mobile Phone While Talking

While it may seem trivial, taking calls with the phone sandwiched between your ear and shoulder can place significant stress on your neck’s structures, potentially leading to neck pain.
To prevent such discomfort, we recommend freeing both hands before answering calls or using a headset instead.
Prolonged or improper mobile phone use can indeed result in neck pain. Therefore, it is essential to consider chiropractic advice on how to hold a mobile phone while chatting. This page contains advice from Dr. Oscar Noriega DC, who is an experienced Chiropractor Murfreesboro TN.

Switch Hand That Holds Your Mobile Phone

People who consistently favor one side of their body during calls may experience discomfort on that particular side.

For those who often chat on the phone with the device propped up to one ear using a free hand, alternating sides from time to time is a wise choice.

This practice ensures a more balanced utilization of both hands and ears, reducing the risk of one-sided strain and discomfort.

Stay Mobile During Extended Calls

It is natural to have long phone calls occasionally. However, when the frequency of these calls increases, you may start to feel excessive stress in your neck and shoulder.

We suggest you take advantage of the opportunity to go for a walk, stretch your back, or even climb a staircase. In addition, remember to switch hands as you go.

Avoid Holding Your Phone Between Your Ear And Shoulder

Holding the phone between your ear and shoulder every time you make or take calls could result in neck and back problems. When possible, we advise using a speakerphone.

Many smartphones offer a speakerphone feature that allows you to hear the call well without needing to hold the phone to your ear. You may wander around and continue your usual activities while still being able to chat over the phone.

Invest In A Hands-Free Device

Investing in a hands-free device is always a good choice. With it, you won’t need to hold the phone or worry about others listening to your conversation as with the speakerphone feature. This is especially helpful for those who have longer phone calls.

Consider Getting A Phone Holder Or Stand For Video Calls

Video call is another exciting way to have a chat over the phone. If you make many video calls, we recommend getting a cellphone holder or stand.

Phone stands are meant to be placed on a firm surface, such as a tabletop. They’ll hold your phone up to your face, allowing you to receive and make video calls with ease.

Chiropractic Therapy to Ease Neck Pain

In a busy work culture or daily life filled with numerous calls, it’s easy to overlook the chiropractic tips mentioned above, potentially leading to neck pain.

If you’re experiencing such discomfort, consider chiropractic treatment. Chiropractic adjustments, a noninvasive and gentle therapy, can be beneficial.

At Revolution Chiropractic Murfreesboro, we employ a combination of spinal rehabilitation, muscle relaxation, and other procedures to relieve neck discomfort.

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