Chiropractic Tips On How To Hold A Phone During A Call

Everything we encounter in life is filtered through our brains and nervous systems. We perceive the world around us through how it is absorbed and processed by our bodies, and the part of our body that does this is our brain.

Chiropractic is attractive because it aims to reduce stress on the nervous system, the way we go about our daily lives. Chiropractic is an essential tool to help people with an overactive nervous system and a stress-free nerve system.

Did you call your mother today? And if so, did you hurt someone doing it?

We must master the proper way to talk on the phone. The absolute worst method is putting the phone between your ear and shoulder so you can multitask while you speak. This will lead to a neck and upper back issue.

In the past, large curved add-ons to portable phones were used to reduce the strain caused on office employees’ necks and upper backs by having to look down at their phones while they talked. Now that our phones have gotten even smaller, we require over a foot and a half of curved foam to save us while talking on the phone and utilizing both hands simultaneously. Have you ever questioned how you may have gotten your neck and upper back into such excellent condition? Take a look at how you use your smartphone, as well as that old habit of sticking it between your shoulder and ear. Keep that space open for your listening and health.

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