Chiropractic tips on how to hold a phone while talking to avoid health issues.

How To Hold Mobile Phone While Talking

It may seem trivial when we do it, but taking calls with the phone sandwiched between the ear and shoulder can put a lot of stress on the neck. The strain on the neck’s structures may also cause neck pain. We recommend freeing both hands before answering a call or using a headset instead. 

Here are some basic chiropractic suggestions for reducing neck pain caused by mobile phone use:

Switch hand that holds your mobile phone

People who usually chat on the phone, with the phone propped up to one ear by a free hand, may consider switching hands occasionally. This will guarantee equal usage of both sides of the body: the hands and ears. Individuals who frequently use only one side of the body throughout a phone call may feel pain on that particular side.

Do not stay at one place during a long phone call; keep moving

It is natural to have long phone calls occasionally. However, when the frequency of these calls increases, you may start to feel excessive stress in your neck and shoulder. We suggest you take advantage of the opportunity to go for a walk, stretch your back, or even climb a staircase. In addition, remember to switch hands as you go.

Avoid Holding your phone between your ear and shoulder

Holding the phone between your ear and shoulder every time you make or take calls could result in neck and back problems. When possible, we advise using a speakerphone. Many smartphones offer a speakerphone feature that allows you to hear the call well without needing to hold the phone to your ear. You may wander around and continue your usual activities while still being able to chat over the phone.

For long phone calls, invest in a hands-free device

Taking a call on a loudspeaker may seem awkward, especially if the conversation is confidential and you don’t want others to hear it. In this scenario, a hands-free headset may be a preferable option. This device, which may be in the form of a wired or wireless earpiece, allows you to have a conversation without the need to hold the phone up to one ear. Many people now utilize hands-free headsets in the workplace, but you can use them anywhere.

For video calls, consider getting a phone holder or stand

Video call is another exciting way to have a chat over the phone. If you make many video calls, we recommend getting a cellphone holder or stand. Phone stands are meant to be placed on a firm surface, such as a tabletop. They’ll hold your phone up to your face, allowing you to receive and make video calls with ease.

Chiropractic therapy to ease neck pain

A neck adjustment aims to increase spine flexibility and restore joint mobility. It can also help the surrounding muscles move more freely. Patients usually experience an improvement in their ability to turn and bend their heads and a decrease in discomfort, tightness, and soreness.

Popular neck conditions

Neck pain and stiffness can be treated with chiropractic adjustments, a non-invasive treatment option. The following are just a few of the many sorts of neck (cervical) problems that chiropractors deal with:

  • Injuries to the cervical intervertebral disc that do not need surgical treatment
  • Neck degenerative joint syndrome
  • Sprain of the facet joints
  • Sprains of the cervical spine
  • Whiplash


To relieve neck discomfort, your chiropractor may employ a combination of spinal rehabilitation, muscle relaxation, and other procedures.

Spinal rehabilitation

The following are some of the spinal rehabilitation techniques that your chiropractor may employ:

  • Cervical “drop” procedures do not include head or neck turning. The purpose is to minimize cervical vertebra stiffness using a unique table.
  • Cervical mobilization is a kind of stretch that is gentle and non-thrusting to eliminate fixations or places where mobility is limited in the cervical spinal segments.
  • Cervical manual traction is frequently used in conjunction with cervical mobilization, alternating between the two and/or performing both simultaneously.

Manual therapy

Your chiropractor may also use manual therapy to address your neck pain:

  • Special instruments are used in instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy to detect and alleviate muscular tightness
  • Neck discomfort and other related issues can be reduced using manual joint flexion and extension techniques
  • Stiff muscles can benefit from deep tissue massage
  • Trigger point treatment alleviates muscular stiffness and associated pain

Additional therapies

Other forms of alternative treatments may be utilized:

  • Neck muscles are stimulated via interferential electrical stimulation, which gives off a low-frequency electrical impulse
  • Ultrasound works by sending sound waves into the muscle tissues of your neck to relieve tension and soreness
  • Therapeutic activities may also be prescribed to enhance your neck’s mobility range and prevent neck discomfort from worsening

These are just a few examples of potential chiropractic neck pain remedies. Your diagnosis will determine your treatment strategy. Your chiropractor will go over all of your treatment choices with you to know what to expect.


Whether you use a landline telephone or spend hours on smartphones, using the phone may require some caution. To avoid back and neck pain, we recommend that you remember these chiropractic tips on how to hold a phone appropriately while chatting. 

However, if you’re already experiencing neck pain due to poor phone handling, we can devise a treatment plan for you. Based on your specific demands, we may combine more than one sort of treatment in the program. The treatment strategy, including spinal alignment, may also incorporate mobilization, massage, or therapeutic workouts.

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