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Your chiropractor can help if you are having dizziness

Lots of people often experience dizziness. A couple of factors can be responsible for dizziness in people. Dizziness can result from standing up too quickly after taking medication or other factors related to these. It can also happen during a migraine. To ensure balance, certain body parts, including the joints, body systems, inner ears, eyes, and other contributing parts, must work perfectly and usually.

Dizziness is a common problem that can cause disability. In some aged people, it can lead to psychological distress. Solving these problems can best be handled by chiropractors since it. Fortunately, it doesn’t require surgery or any medication. Many people often confuse Vertigo for dizziness. However, it is essential to know the difference between them when seeing a chiropractor. Dizziness refers to a lightheaded feeling.

Chiropractic manipulation can help solve Vertigo

Dizziness can sometimes make an individual feel unsteady and foggy. On the other hand, Vertigo is less common than dizziness. Vertigo is an overall spinning sensation. Different causes can be responsible for these two conditions. Vertigo is majorly caused by the dislodging of the crystal calciums from their normal position in the ear.

Dizziness, on the other hand, is a result of medications, abnormalities in the inner ear. Psychiatric disorders can also be responsible for dizziness.

Everyone tastes dizzy. As a type of distinct dizziness, Vertigo happens mostly in adults, and they suffer from it at least once in their lifetime. However, vertigo risk increases as individual ages. While there are not many cures for many vertigo causes, a couple of ways can help in reducing the signs and symptoms while it strikes. This manipulation and approach can also help for preventing likely recurrence.  

A chiropractor can use a chiropractic approach and manipulation for solving Vertigo. Chiropractic manipulation helps by engaging in various manipulations or exercises. In most cases, this chiropractic approach or adjustments help solve or alleviate a specific vertigo type known as cervical Vertigo.

Positioning Maneuvers

Canalith repositioning is an excellent way to relieve benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). This refers to an individual suffering from a short but intense series of dizziness. During this process, such an individual will experience Vertigo once head movement occurs. Vertigo is a condition that happens once there is a problem with canalith particles (octonia) part of the inner ear which help in producing balance. When a part of the tiny ear break loose and fall off into the semicircular canals of an individual’s inner ear, it results in BPPV.

The canalith repositioning treatment procedure can help move the particles to the correct part of the ear where they won’t feel dizzy. However, the canalith repositioning procedure consists of various simple head maneuvers. A chiropractor can help with this procedure in an office. Fortunately, the canalith repositioning procedure effectively relieves Vertigo in about 80 percent of people after treatment once or twice. While this can be effective in many people, the problem may also reoccur.

Your chiropractor will have exercises to help too

Chiropractors understand what it takes to help relieve dizziness or other related pain. This is why they give you the necessary exercise, as this will fasten your recovery. These exercises are essential components of the chiropractic approach as they offer a wide range of benefits, including improving treatment and its effectiveness. Chiropractic approach exercise also helps to reduce a reoccurrence of these injuries, dizziness, or pain. Good postures can affect immediate appearance. This is why your chiropractor will recommend the right exercise for you not only to help you recover quickly but also for long-term benefits.

Your chiropractor will discuss your diet and daily habits to pinpoint other reasons for Vertigo

In the course of recovery, your chiropractor will also discuss specific diets for you to eat as they also affect how fast the recovery process will be. Additionally, daily habits can influence your recovery speed, making it why your chiropractor will also discuss what to do and what to refrain from, resulting in Vertigo. Most chiropractors will recommend you feed on a high protein diet. They help people who seek to build muscles without excessive fat accumulation. Additionally, a heart-healthy diet rich in protein is one of the diets chiropractors recommend. It is made of a large number of veggies. These diets help recover quickly from body pain while on your chiropractic treatment plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Misaligned Neck Cause Dizziness?

Cervical Vertigo, often known as cervicogenic dizziness, is often related to a sensation in the neck which causes a feeling of spin. However, neck disorders, a posture of the neck, or any disorder that happens to the cervical spine can result in dizziness. At times, injury can cause cervical Vertigo, which causes disruption of the head and alignment of the neck. In some cases, it can also cause whiplash. When you move your neck at times, it may result in dizziness, affecting the sense of focus and balance.

What Is Cervical Dizziness?

Cervical Vertigo, also called cervicogenic dizziness, refers to a condition of unsteadiness or disorientation resulting from injury to the neck. It is also a health-related condition that causes discomfort to the neck. In most cases, cervicogenic dizziness goes along with pain in the neck. This condition can affect the motion range of an individual who suffers from it. In some individuals, they may suffer from headaches.


Dizziness can cause discomfort to the neck by impeding a host of movements. However, chiropractors understand how to help prevent these discomforts by recommending the right postures, diet, or daily habits. Seeing a chiropractor can help prevent this condition, including allowing you to recover within a few periods. You would most likely need more than one session to treat the effects of dizziness fully. Your chiropractor may also prescribe other medications alongside your treatment. This may or may not be alongside a change in diet and overall lifestyle.

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