How chiropractic care can help in spine degeneration disc degeneration

3 Phases of Spine Disc Degeneration and How Chiropractic Care Can help?

Spinal disc degeneration affects the disc between the vertebrates. The condition occurs because of a decline in cushioning or fragmentation of the disc. There are no signs or symptoms specific to it, and it would not be detected for years in several cases. The condition generally leaves no pain or discomfort.

Three phases of spine disc degeneration

There are three phases of spine disc degeneration.

During these phases, the only notable symptom is a decline in standing for long or doing other physical activities. On rare occasions when the spin has lost a lot of flexibility, a fallen spur can touch against a nerve root, causing pain and discomfort. This will also be accompanied by weakness.

Stage 1: Dysfunction

The spine begins to weaken as people grow old and show signs of misalignment. The curve changes the structure of the spine. This change results in an increased rate of degeneration. This stage has no pain, which makes it difficult to detect. The early stage is usually discovered by accident when fixing another misalignment.

Stage 2: Spinal disc dehydration and the onset of spurring

This stage shows that the change in the spine structure has been there for a long time. During this stage, dehydration begins to affect the discs in the spine, resulting in shrinkage in size. The spine responds to the stage with bone spurs. The stage reduces the rate of mobility as the spine surface becomes rough from wear and tear.

Stage 3: Stabilization

The final stage results in less mobility caused by bone modification. The bone spur gets worse, causing the spinal canal to become slender. This stage affects your ability to carry out everyday tasks. Spinal degeneration is not easily treated or reversed.

Can a chiropractor help with degenerative spine

In some instances, chiropractors can treat the illness when spotted in the early stages. Medication and exercise can prevent further complications when spotted on time. If you are affected by disc degeneration, chiropractic care can help relieve the pain. However, the changes in the spine cannot be reversed.

Chiropractor treatment involves spinal adjustment and other treatments. The chiropractor focuses on the entire body rather than the illness.  A chiropractor will educate you on the illness and also the remedy. These remedies are nutrition and weight management, stress management, and lifestyle goals. A healthy lifestyle will reduce the pain, which will improve function.

Prevention is better than cure

Spinal degeneration is usually suffered in the latter stages of life. The process also, on occasion, affects the younger generation. There are several treatment options, from self-care to home remedies and medical attention. Chiropractor care is a prominent alternative treatment option. Often, chiropractic care detects earlier signs of infection and treats it before it worsens. There are three stages to spine disc degenerative disease. Here are five reasons you should consider spinal decompression treatment:

  1. It’s highly effective — spinal decomposition has a 75–85% possibility of severe disc degeneration disease. But the chances are higher for patients with mild disc degeneration disease.
  2. Pain-free therapy — spinal decomposition focuses on preventing pain and undesired side effects. The process requires the patient to get a strap to attach to the bed as the table moves. The process requires no medication, while the recovery time is not certain.
  3. Long-term results — spinal decomposition is a process that may take several sessions. These consecutive sessions are to eliminate the illness properly. The disc is treated by rehydration while fixing the herniated disc back into order. When the process is consistently performed, the results are more effective.
  4. Improved posture — Poor posture is the cause of many vertebral pains. This posture affects the spine’s alignment. Spinal decomposition prevents nerves from interfering with each other. Chiropractic care will resolve improved posture after regular sessions.
  5. It’s a process — treatment at a chiropractor can take about 20 to 30 minutes. The office has a decomposition table to help relax the patient, and the treatment is effective.

Can a chiropractor reverse disc degeneration?

Spinal degeneration doesn’t heal or return to normal alignment. But with Chiropractic care, the body is treated to reabsorb the herniated material to replace the lost disc. Chiropractic care also treats the body to strengthen muscles while growing the new bone or soft tissue.

Can degenerative disc disease cripple you?

Disc degeneration disease can lead to a condition called spinal stenosis. This illness results in limb pain, tingling, and numbness. Spinal degeneration disease can weaken nerve root compression or spinal cord compression. This compression can severely disable a person. Patients can experience a loss of control of their legs. Patients will also be unable to close their eyes and feel when a limb is raised or lowered.

What activities should you avoid with degenerative disc disease

People suffering from disc degeneration cannot hold a specific position for long. Other activities you can avoid are lifting, twisting, bending, or stretching. It is advisable to manage stress as it is a primary cause of pain.

Does walking help degenerative disc disease?

Walking is a daily activity for humans. The process has little risk and has many health benefits. Walking can help tighten the trunk, core, and lumbar (lower back) muscles. These muscles become deconditioned and weak from an inactive lifestyle and other factors. The patient begins to feel pain, weakness, injury, and fatigue. Walking will strengthen the muscles.

How can I prevent degenerative disc disease from getting worse

Many things can be done to lower its progression or risk, including the following:

  • Don’t smoke or quit smoking
  • Use proper lifting
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Drink water
  • Be active
  • Take Supplements
  • Maintain good posture


Chiropractors care, a valuable alternative medical care that can help treat degenerative disc conditions. It will not completely resolve the condition, but it can offer pain relief and some form of alignment. Particularly, when noticed in the early stage, chiropractors can help establish a series of sessions and dietary changes to reduce the rate of degeneration. 

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