How Chiropractic care works in MURFREESBORO, TN

One of the most frequently used treatments for pain is chiropractic therapies. The chiropractor does manipulation with his own hands on the musculoskeletal structures. It consists of mobilizing a joint of the spine to the maximum range of motion. This manipulation is known as an adjustment and helps restore the spine’s joints to be in a more functional and in proper anatomical position causing less discomfort in the short and long term. 

Introduction about Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic techniques rarely cause discomfort or pain. However, patients can sometimes experience mild sensitivity or soreness following treatment, similar to some exercises. Any small discomfort typically solves within the first and second days after therapy.

Still, these therapy methods offer a more conservative, natural, and safe approach while still being an effective option to improve life quality in adults and children, compared to other commonly used for pain, such as over-the-counter and prescription pain medications.


Spinal manipulation is also another of the most typically used techniques for treating subluxations and accident-related back injuries. It is also called a chiropractic adjustment. To perform this method, the chiropractor specialist typically uses his hands and sometimes other tools to perform limited body moves, controlled, and sudden force to spinal joints. Spinal manipulation can either enhance or restore joint function so that you can move that part of your back freely again. Spinal manipulation can relieve joint inflammation, muscle spasm, back pain, and misaligned vertebral bodies simultaneously. Manipulating the lumbar spine could sound terrifying to some patients; it is considered generally safe with little to no side effects. Frequent patients find it preferable to more invasive techniques or medications that come with side effects.


Like spinal manipulation, spinal or joint mobilization can restore or improve joint function and alleviate all types of back pain. Manipulation mobilization requires the chiropractor to employ slow movements generally applied to the endpoint of a skeletal joint. There are several types of mobilization methods. Our Murfreesboro chiropractors specialized in back pain and arthrokinematic joint motion choose the adequate mobilization technique for each back injury case.


Chiropractors in Murfreesboro could also combine various approaches for treating auto accident-related back pain when they are highly specialized to perform both techniques. The reason for combining techniques is to improve adjustment or mobilization and to offer ways to provide more comfort to our patients. Our chiropractors integrate different therapies, including electrical stimulation, heat and ice, relaxation methods, rehabilitative exercises, and nutrition counseling. Additionally, they might add massage techniques or accupuncture for continued joint function recovery.