Murfreesboro Chiropractor Explains The Postural Faults You Do While Driving A Car

We can learn vital things from our bodies if we know how to listen. Once we “look under the hood,” it’s easy to see how our bodies protect what is most important. Our skull and spine are encased in sturdy bony shells, our brain, and our spinal cord, which serve as protective barriers for these organs. We must protect our health, which is one of the most valuable assets we may have.

But today, health is taken for granted in a way that it has never been before. There are too many other things to worry about, such as, job, family, and finances in today’s world. If we lose our excellent health, everything else may not be important.

Many of our old beliefs and habits are still there to help us create less stress in our lives. We don’t always require more from the world around us; we need to acknowledge what we presently have. And the body’s wisdom tells us that it is critical to safeguard our most essential belongings.

Chiropractors care about the health and well-being of their patients, which is why they work so hard to prevent them from making poor lifestyle choices.

Driving in a car can expose you to many postural faults. One is slouching in the vehicle’s front seat with your feet up on the dashboard (or out the window!) instead of on the floor where they belong. This slumped position puts a lot of strain on your sacrum, as well as your lower back and neck. The primary concern, though, is the double-whammy.

Not only is this position harmful to your body, but it also comes with a danger. And that’s if you had an accident; or, much worse, your airbag deployed. An airbag’s deployment speed may reach 100 to over 200 miles per hour, a force strong enough to break crash test dummies’ legs in simulations of these types of accidents. It’s even scarier when we consider over 10 million airbags have been recalled due to faulty function, even propelling metal shards on impact, making a minor crash or malfunction extremely dangerous. Keep your feet on the ground and avoid the double whammy of benefit-free risk while riding in a vehicle.

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