Many patients inquire if they should or could go to a chiropractor to get their back pain treated. Several studies have demonstrated that chiropractors can successfully treat back discomfort. Chiropractors, in other words, do not treat every case of back pain. Some disorders necessitate a medical evaluation by an M.D.

When to visit a medical doctor?

Chiropractors are often able to help people with back pain. Chiropractors have been found and shown to be the most successful doctors in treating acute back discomfort. Some issues that appear to be severe require careful thought before treatment begins. Physical examination and the patient’s illness history can help many illnesses be diagnosed.

Symptoms that raise an alarm include:

  • Pain leading to sleepless nights
  • Pain accompanied by sweats, chills or fevers
  • Numb extremities
  • Problems which control functioning of bladder or bowel

Furthermore, some symptoms like the ones mentioned below are better if an orthopedist attends to them than a chiropractor.

  • Weakness of legs muscles
  • Legs tingling or becoming numb
  • Back pain alongside leg pain

The symptoms described above are seen in individuals who do not have a lumbar muscle or ligament strain.

Chiropractic treatment is more helpful in the case of a ligament sprain or a muscular strain.

Patients with spinal cord or nerve damage should inquire about whether chiropractic adjustment will help. While not necessarily contraindicated by chiropractors, there are other uncommon conditions that they should never treat.

Unfortunately, individuals who undergo spine manipulation have been reported to develop problems resulting from nerve damage. Although they are uncommon, it is recommended that you find out the cause before any treatment, especially if you’re going to get a spinal adjustment.

It’s challenging to decide which Murfreesboro chiropractor to utilize because there are so many. However, using organizations like the American Chiropractic Association may assist you in finding a qualified chiropractor in your area.


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