You’ve undoubtedly heard the term “diet” being used negatively. With dozens and dozens of new books appearing on a top seller like every day, diets are one of the most popular book categories. However, they’ve gone out of their way to clarify that what they propose isn’t a diet in recent years.

“This is not a diet; this is a way of life!”

In general, a quick fix is no longer an option. This is now the motto for everyone’s dieting efforts. “This isn’t a short-term, quick-fix, gain-it-all-back type of program,” they all assure you. The newest diet books are attempting to make it crystal clear that they are “a new way of life.” In other words, a “diet” plan (that’s not a diet!) that works effectively long-term and is just right (i.e., allows some fun, not insane amounts of effort)

What is the role of nutrition in chiropractic? Short-term improvements are wonderful. Even in diets, everyone enjoys feeling good about achieving great benefits from a short period of hard effort. But, what the hundreds of best-selling health books have discovered, as well as the millions of people who have implemented them, is that making progress?

Your spine is continuous, whether it’s due to nutrition, fitness, or chiropractic treatment. Your bodies are constantly changing and evolving in one direction or another. They are getting stronger or weaker, fitter or less fit, healthier or sicker.

Work invested in a system or aspect of our lives improves that area over time because it gives us more energy to improve it further. If you don’t put in the effort, energy, and attention, that zone will slide back to a level determined by all of the external factors in your life rather than those you can control. The only forces able to react to this concept of “this is what I desire to have happened in my life” are the ones we control.

Chiropractic therapy, like anything else, works best when it is maintained over time. This might be affected by our lifestyle, our spine’s strength, and the amount of time we’ve been getting treatment. The health of our spine and nervous system benefits from the right regular energy and attention both inside and outside of a chiropractic office. It is something that chiropractors have been saying for decades. The ‘diet’ books are also starting to figure it out.

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