Rolling Thermo Tool For Evaluating Neck Pain Treatment Plan

Most people suffer from neck pain due to poor posture, stress, muscle strain, and injury. We have explained our chiropractic treatment for neck pain techniques and their causes. This post focuses on how we conduct an evaluation to decide on the proper neck pain treatment.

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At Revolution Health Center, we conduct an evaluation using a tool called a rolling thermo, or an inflammation scan. It has two sensors, a few rollers, and some software attached to it.


The rolling thermo gives us a snapshot of the level of stress and tension on your spine and nervous system. It does it by measuring the differences between the amount of inflammation and temperature gradients on the left and right sides. It then identifies the areas of stress or tension along the spine and the nervous system. 

Spinal Stress and Neck Pain Relief

The white areas indicate moderate or very minimal stress. The blue areas are spots with a bit more pain, while there is even more pain in the green areas. 

The areas we look for are the red areas which indicate high levels of stress and tension. It indicates instability or imbalance or stress or tension on the nerves and muscles. 

The rolling thermo looks at the autonomic nervous system that controls and coordinates our body. If our chiropractors for neck pain see imbalances on the left and right, it shows some stress and tension on the spine and the nervous system.

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It is a great tool that gives chiropractors a good idea of the level of neck pain you are going through. Our cervical chiropractors may also perform other tests like X- rays, if necessary because doing a comprehensive evaluation is an important part of determining the proper treatment

It helps us determine the best neck pain treatment to cure neck pain fast for long-lasting results and relief. 

Our customized chiropractic treatment package may include chiropractic adjustments, activator, massage therapy, physical therapy, and therapeutic neck pain relief exercises.


If you or somebody you know have painful shoulders, or exhibit symptoms like headaches, sinus pressure, arm pain issues, numbness, and tingling down into the hands, it could all be because of neck pain or strain. Or it can also be because of some other related health conditions like arthritis, degenerated disc, whiplash, and radiculopathy. 

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