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Chiropractor for Neck pain Treatment in Murfreesboro, TN

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Chiropractic Care For Neck Pain

The neck, also known as the cervical spine, is a crucial part of our body, starting at the base of the skull and made up of seven small vertebrae. Surprisingly, it supports the weight of our head, which averages about 12 pounds. Although the neck allows for various head movements, this flexibility makes it susceptible to pain and injury.

Neck pain is a common issue affecting millions of people each year. It can become a significant problem due to factors like poor posture or previous whiplash incidents if not treated promptly. Treatment for neck pain depends on the underlying cause, such as osteoarthritis or spinal misalignments. Chiropractors, specializing in addressing neck vertebrae misalignments, can often provide relief without resorting to surgery.

Read this article to understand the symptoms, causes, and how a chiropractor can help treat your neck pain.

Symptoms Of Neck Pain

Neck pain, medically referred to as “cervicalgia,” stems from issues within the cervical spine. It can manifest as either acute or chronic discomfort, ranging from mild annoyance to severe pain, often hindering the ability to move the neck or head.

Symptoms of neck pain vary, including sensations ranging from dull stabbing to sharp discomfort. Furthermore, cervical pain may involve a persistent ache in the neck, accompanied by numbness, tingling, and stiffness. In some cases, individuals may face significantly restricted neck movement, a condition known as torticollis.

What Causes Neck Pain?

Various factors are linked to neck pain, including:

  • Chronic postural stress resulting from prolonged use of computers and electronic devices, leading to head flexion.
  • Poor slouched posture, causing muscle spasm and joint irritation.
  • Inadequate sleeping posture, especially stomach sleeping with the head twisted to one side for extended periods.
  • Trauma, such as whiplash injuries from car accidents or sports-related incidents.
  • Prolonged carrying of a heavy bag or purse.
  • Inactivity, leading to stiffness, increased muscle tension, and muscle spasm.
  • Wear and tear, along with degenerative disorders like osteoarthritis, cervical disc degeneration, spinal stenosis, and cervical disc herniations.

Chiropractic Diagnosis for Neck Pain

When addressing neck pain, a chiropractor takes a holistic approach, considering not only the cervical spine but also the entire spine, including the mid-back (thoracic) and low back (lumbar) regions. Chiropractors focus on treating the “whole person” rather than just alleviating specific symptoms. In addition to addressing the spine, they may provide guidance on nutrition, stress management, and lifestyle adjustments to enhance your overall well-being.

Before determining the most suitable approach for your pain relief, a chiropractor conducts a thorough examination to pinpoint the specific cause of your neck discomfort. This involves assessing areas of restricted movement, observing your walking patterns, and evaluating your overall posture and spinal alignment. These aspects help the chiropractor gain insights into your body mechanics.

Beyond the physical examination, you’ll discuss your medical history with the chiropractor, and if necessary, imaging tests like X-rays or MRIs may be ordered to precisely diagnose the root cause of your neck pain.

This comprehensive diagnostic process equips the chiropractor with valuable information, enabling them to tailor a personalized treatment plan specifically for you.

How Revolution Chiropractic Murfreesboro Can Help Treat Neck Pain

At Revolution Chiropractic Murfreesboro, our dedicated chiropractors employ a tailored approach to address neck pain, incorporating a blend of spinal manipulation, manual therapy, and various techniques into your personalized treatment plan.

Some of the spinal manipulation techniques that our chiropractors may utilize include:

Flexion-Distraction Technique: A gentle, hands-on manipulation involving a pumping action on the intervertebral disc, offering relief without direct force.
Instrument-Assisted Manipulation: Using a handheld instrument, your chiropractor applies force without thrusting into the spine.
Specific Spinal Manipulation: This technique employs a gentle thrusting motion to restore joint movement.

In addition to spinal manipulation, manual therapies play a crucial role in alleviating neck pain:

Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Therapy: Special instruments diagnose and treat muscle tension effectively.
Manual Joint Stretching and Resistance Techniques: Techniques to reduce neck pain and associated symptoms.
Therapeutic Massage: Relaxing tense muscles for enhanced comfort.
Trigger Point Therapy: Targeting tight, painful muscle points for relief.

Beyond these, various therapies may be incorporated to alleviate neck pain symptoms:

Inferential Electrical Stimulation: Low-frequency electrical current stimulates neck muscles.
Ultrasound: Sound waves penetrate muscle tissues, addressing stiffness and pain.

To complement these treatments, therapeutic exercises may be recommended, aiming to improve overall neck mobility and prevent the progression of neck pain.

It’s important to note that the mentioned treatments serve as examples, and your specific treatment plan will be tailored based on a thorough diagnosis. Experience personalized care at Revolution Chiropractic Murfreesboro for effective relief from neck pain. Schedule your appointment today with a neck pain chiropractor and start on a journey towards improved well-being. Our experienced team at Revolution Chiropractic Murfreesboro is committed to understanding the unique aspects of your neck pain and designing a targeted treatment plan that addresses your individual needs.

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How Do We Treat Neck Pain?

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Do not ignore your Neck pain, it can become worse overtime. It’s important to consult with the doctor and understand the root cause of Neck pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are chiropractors experts at treating neck pain?

Chiropractic care is safe and effective in the treatment of neck pain, say specialists Dein Vindigni and Laura Zark in their study Chiropractic treatment of older adults with neck pain with or without headache or dizziness.

Chiropractic care is especially beneficial for neck pain caused by imbalances in the spinal cord, such as herniated discs or cervical spondylosis. It is also useful in treating neck pain caused by excessive muscle tension and poor posture.

Will I get medical insurance coverage for neck pain?

Health insurance usually covers chiropractic care. We will assist you with contacting your insurance company to find out about your health insurance coverage.

How can I get quick neck pain relief?

If you wonder how to reduce neck pain quickly, it is with gentle effective chiropractic adjustments like chiropractic manipulation.

Is neck pain a symptom of infection?

Although very rare, pain in the back or side of the neck may be a sign of infection if it appears with fever, malaise, loss of appetite or weight, and gets worse over days.

What are the possible causes of base neck pain?

Common causes of neck pain are muscle strains, poor posture while working or watching TV, spending too much time computing, sleeping in the wrong way, even osteoarthritis, and cervical spondylosis.

Why may the base of my skull be hurting? 

There may be pain in the neck  when there are strains or spasms in the base neck muscles that help the head move. This can be due to eye strain, spending a lot of time on the phone or computer (stooped posture), or from trauma like whiplash. The right treatment can help provide cervical pain relief.

What are the symptoms of severe neck pain? 

Neck pain is considered severe when it does not improve with medication, gets worse over time, limits life or exhibits other symptoms such as loss of weight and appetite, fever or arm weakness.

What are the warning signs of neck pain?

Neck pain is a concern when it gets worse over time, limits your arm and finger movements, is associated with paralysis or paresis of the arms, fever, and other symptoms such as weight loss and fatigue. It is better to consult your chiropractor in such situations.

What is the best position to sleep in to avoid neck pain?

First, check your mattress; it may be one of the causes of neck pain. It is better to use an orthopedic mattress. Second, sleep with a good pillow that aligns your neck with your back and the rest of your body. The pillow should be comfortable and supportive.

And third, sleep in a comfortable position, preferably on your back with a thin pillow on your side or between your knees.

Can I get neck pain if I have high blood pressure?

Neck pain is related to many conditions that even high blood pressure may be a cause. However, it is likely that those suffering from high blood pressure also experience other symptoms, such as feeling warm, sweating, choking sensation, and chest pain.

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Dr. Oscar Noriega, DC, is a trusted chiropractor who has been practicing for over ten years at Revolution Chiropractic Murfreesboro. He holds a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University. Dr. Noriega is also a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and the Tennessee Chiropractic Association. He resides in Murfreesboro with his wife and two children.