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Vertigo Chiropractic Care

Vertigo is a common condition that a chiropractor can help treat. You tend to feel dizzy, especially while getting up, and it can also be triggered by noise and external stimuli.

There are different types of possible vertigo. For example, positional vertigo is treated through positional changes of the head that help mobilize the otoliths to their origin site.

If you suffer from Ménière’s vertigo, your chiropractor may advise following a salt-free diet and prescribe diuretics to treat the dizziness.

We are one of Murfreesboro best chiropractors who diagnose what type of vertigo you are suffering from and treat you accordingly. Sometimes based on your condition, we may also refer you to an ear, nose, and throat doctor, neurologist, or dentist if necessary.

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What Is Vertigo?

Vertigo is the unreal sensation of the displacement of the objects surrounding us. It’s as if the environment revolves around you rapidly, or you around it, and you feel as if you may fall at any moment. 

Vertigo should not be confused with dizziness. In this case, the feeling is one of instability and insecurity, but there is no perception of the objects turning. 

Vertigo is not simple dizziness. The attacks are sudden, and it is a very uncomfortable and disabling feeling. 

Symptoms Of Vertigo

  • The common vertigo symptoms include:

    • The impression of the environment moving at high speeds, in a rotating manner, producing a sensation similar to falling into space
    • Nausea, vomiting
    • Abnormal, jerky, and involuntary eye movement called nystagmus
    • Double vision
    • Blurry vision or difficulty focusing
    • Hearing loss especially in one ear
    • Ringing in the ears
    • Balance disturbances or stumbling while walking
    • Headache
    • Loss of strength and a feeling of weakness throughout the body

What Are The Common Causes Of Vertigo?

Cervicogenic vertigo is neck-related vertigo triggered by poor neck posture, neck injury, and neck disorders. Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo is an inner ear disorder and a common cause of vertigo.

Vertigo Treatment

Many vertigo patients report feeling fatigued or tired all the time. Chiropractic evaluation and treatment is oftentimes effective for treating vertigo and its symptoms like vertigo-associated disease, and trouble maintaining balance. 

We may use chiropractic manipulation on the upper neck or teach you exercises like the Brandt Daroff maneuver and Epley maneuver for vertigo relief.

Alternately, seeing an Ear, Nose & Throat (Otolaryngologist) or your family doctor can also help treat these symptoms.

At Revolution Health Center, the parameters we use to determine the specific treatment for each patient will depend on many factors such as frequency and severity of vertigo episodes, and the diagnosis of its root cause. 

Once properly diagnosed our best treatment recommendations are presented in great detail. Many times these recommendations include a consultation with other providers such as an otolaryngologist, dentist, or vestibular neurologist. Dr. Noriega focuses on helping you find the fastest pathway back to health.

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