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How to cure neck pain fast?

Neck pain or stiff neck can be painful and restrict you from daily activities. It can also hinder your sleep. This article contains suggestions from award-winning and experienced Chiropractor Murfreesboro, TN, Dr. Oscar Noriega DC, about how to care for yourself if you suffer from chronic neck pain. These exercises can also be done along with chiropractic treatment performed by a licensed chiropractor.

Home Remedies For Neck Pain Relief

Most of the time, a stiff neck with minor pain in the neck can be treated at home with ice, heat, and stretching. If your pain does not subside after a few days or you have additional symptoms, you should see a doctor. Consulting a chiropractor is the best option for effective neck pain treatment. For minor, common causes of neck pain, try these simple remedies:

Apply Heat or Ice to The Painful Area

The first home remedy for neck pain is applying heat and ice. Heat will assist in stimulating blood flow. Ice can help minimize inflammation and swelling by reducing blood flow to the pain region. The combination of both will help soothe a torn or strained muscle. Ice should be applied for the first few days and then compressed heat.

Take Over-The-Counter Pain Relievers

OTC pain relievers can reduce pain and inflammation in the neck and body. Fortunately, You might not need a prescription to get OTC pain relievers. They include Ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and Naproxen Sodium.

Keep Moving to Calm Your Symptoms and Reduce Inflammation

You should also adjust your position frequently. Standing or sitting in one place for a long time can complicate the problem. When you keep moving, you’re indirectly exercising and stretching your neck. Consequently, inflammation and swelling will reduce. However, be cautious of your movement. Avoid sudden movements or overstretching.

Gentle Massage

Massaging the neck can bring immediate comfort as it relieves tension. No matter the techniques chosen, ensure the massage movement is directed towards the center of the pain. The key is finding the pain areas and putting pressure on them. If done correctly, it will improve blood circulation and comfort the area.

Make Sure You Have The Proper Mattress or Pillow

You have numerous options to comfort and support your neck during sleep. The general rule is to use a firm mattress and pillow so the natural curve of your neck will be supported. You can put a small pillow under your neck and each arm while sleeping on your back. This practice will take the strain off your neck.

Neck And Shoulder Exercises to Help a Stiff Neck

Dr. Oscar Noriega says that the key to relief for a stiff neck is proper stretching and manipulation. Doing slow range-of-motion exercises can help to stretch the neck muscles gently. There is also some gentle neck stretches you can perform, like shoulder roll and side rotation.

Those with neck pain usually also have shoulder tightness, pain, and discomfort. This great stretching exercise you can do at home helps release your shoulders and take some tension off your neck. There are some neck pain relief exercises you can do at home to ease the neck pain until you go for your appointment with a neck pain chiropractor. These neck and shoulder stretches will reduce your pain and lessen the stiffness in the neck. These exercises can also be used as prevention. 

First Step To do Neck and Shoulder stretch

You can do this exercise with or without a towel. But most of our patients need a towel. Steps to this particular stretch are listed below:

Take the towel and throw it over your back. With your opposite hand, reach below and grab onto the towel. You’ll be able to pull up and get a stretch into your shoulder and then pull down to stretch into your upper shoulder. This movement releases the tension in the shoulders and ultimately takes the tension off your back as well too.

Second Step To do Neck and Shoulder stretch

Throw the towel over to the other side. Grab the towel, pull up and stretch your lower arm and then pull down to stretch your upper arm as well.

You don’t necessarily need the towel to be able to do this. Try putting your hands behind your back like in the picture below. Grab and hook your fingers so that you can pull and stretch in that way too. This also works at releasing the tension but is a little trickier. That’s why we recommend doing it with the towel.

Chiropractic Treatment For Neck Pain

The stretching exercise is part of chiropractic care and works because the entire body is interconnected. Most neck pain sufferers don’t just have neck pain and discomfort; the shoulder, upper and lower back upper neck, and even your skull may also be involved.

Consulting a chiropractor for neck pain or any specialist can help relieve neck pain by treating the root cause of the pain. We evaluate the condition to see what’s going on and develop a customized treatment plan to fix and stabilize your neck and spine.

Our chiropractic treatment plan for neck pain may include neck adjustment or cervical manipulation techniques like flexion-distraction or specific spinal manipulation. 

If required, Dr. Noriega may also recommend manual therapies like manual joint stretching and resistance techniques, trigger point therapy, or therapeutic massage.

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Neck Pain Prevention - 3 Simple Tips

Here are some ways to prevent neck pain that comes with a stiff neck:

A Healthy Sleep Position

Maintaining proper sleeping posture is paramount to tackling neck pain. Ensure you sleep on a firm mattress with a unique neck pillow or without any pillow. Also, try to sleep on your side instead of lying on your stomach or back.

Avoid Bad Computer Posture

The best computer posture is keeping the monitor at eye level. This setting will make you sit straight up with your head balanced directly over the spine. As such, you’ll avoid head twisting or bending. If you use your computer for long hours, take breaks, and move around to stretch your shoulders and neck.

Be Mindful of How You Are Sitting in The Car or While Using Your Phone

Make it a habit to take frequent breaks when driving or using a smartphone. These activities can contribute to neck pain because of stress and forward bends on the neck. Inculcating the habit of taking breaks will save you from the risk of neck pain.

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