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You already know suffering from pain and illness can be an extremely debilitating experience. Even low intensity pain can have a very negative effect on your life. Your work and relationships can deteriorate because the stress, mood swings, or inability to participate in life. Pain is something that needs to be taken seriously even if it’s not acute or entirely immobilizing. It’s important for those who are suffering to know that research studies have proven over and over that chiropractic care is an effective way to treat many conditions and injuries.

Our clients find our doctors to be the best Chiropractors in Murfreesboro and we contribute our success to the high quality of chiropractic care you will find here at Revolution Health Center. We have an extremely welcoming clinic where patients feel well cared for, listened to and most of all where they can begin to heal.

Our integrated approach is holistic and effective. Our track record for getting patients back to wellness and proper functioning is outstanding. Our Chiropractors are able to diagnose, treat and then manage a variety of ailments and conditions. Although chiropractic care is primarily used for musculoskeletal pain such as low back pain, it can be used to aid in other types of pain as well. If you have a condition that you’re unsure whether or not a Murfreesboro Chiropractor can treat, it’s best to give our clinic a call.

If feeling healthy and happy is a goal and priority for you, we are confident we can make that happen. At Revolution Health Center we believe that patients should play an active role in the recovery process. With our highly qualified staff that is friendly and helpful we can build a team with you, the patient. Using this teamwork we can create the best version of you.


Revolution Health Center
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brett carlton
brett carlton
20:59 19 Oct 16
Very personable staff. They treated me professionally and really made a difference in how I feel.
Brandon Crowley
Brandon Crowley
20:05 19 Oct 16
The best Chiropractor in Tennessee! I highly recommend Dr. Pete for back pain!
Wendell Moon
Wendell Moon
00:01 26 Feb 16
Revolution is the coffee shop of wellness centers. It is as accessible as it is professional. For someone that can't stand being in doctor's offices this was refreshing. I have been to chiropractors all over the country but have never really felt at home. The atmosphere of Revolution is inviting, the information is relevant and the chiropractic care is top notch. When you visit you are never treated as a patient but welcomed as a member of the family. I was introduced to Revolution a year ago. Months after I started receiving care my migraines went away almost completely and I no longer had to wear reading glasses. I do a lot of work at the computer so this was a huge surprise as well as a relief. What I appreciate most about Revolution is not that they fix you, but that they facilitate an environment where healing and restoration is possible.
Suzi Adams
Suzi Adams
01:49 02 Mar 16
I love the experience at Revolution Health Center. The entire staff will make you feel at home. The health care that I have received has been the best. I have gotten relief from my sciatic nerve pain that had begun to interfere with my work and my activities.
Lloyd Long
Lloyd Long
22:14 23 Feb 16
We love every visit to Revolution Chiropractic! Dr. Pete and all the staff are very loving, caring and compassionate and always very professional in their care for me and my wife, Dana. We are fed physically,mentally and spiritually every visit. We love getting to know and making new friends who share in our passion for health and vitality. We are 67 years of age...but feel we are getting younger instead of aging...as GOD'S HOLY WORD says we feel like..."we're mounting up with wings as eagles". We praise the Lord for leading us to Revolution Chiropractic.
Janice Bugg
Janice Bugg
00:37 17 Feb 16
This place is the best in dealing with the spirtual, emotional, mental, physical, etc...in making the body work in wholeness as God intended it to. It mainly has to do with the touch we get from God here as he works through people. And others come in, we as living in community can help others live in freedom/wholeness as well. Also, we can take what we learn with us even when we are living overseas and sharing with others to help them live in God's fullness! Along with what we learn through chiropractic eduation and through the fitness, it is the most extroadinary life to walk in. May God only increase what He is already doing here!! Abundant blesssings!!
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