Chiropractor Explains The Concept Of Active Sitting To Avoid Back Pain

The chiropractic principle of specificity states that when there is an injury or disease in the body, only those tissues which are injured or diseased will respond to treatment. This means your specific problem requires a particular solution. Chiropractors are trained to find the root cause of a problem and fix it.

The Chair, by Galen Cranz, Ph. D., is a fascinating book that tells a vital lesson about our most common posture. It’s a book only a chiropractor would fall in love with; it’s called The Chair. It’s a detailed guide on how to sit in the most comfortable way possible and avoid back pain. The book also includes a list of alternative sitting options that are healthier than chairs. You can even try them out yourself!

It might surprise you to know that the average person spends more than 9 hours a day doing it. That’s almost half of your waking life. And, while there are many benefits to being seated, like working or watching TV, it can also have some adverse effects on your body. Studies show that people who sit for long periods are at higher risk for heart disease and diabetes. So, what can we do about this? Luckily there is something called “active sitting,” allowing us to get up and move around while still staying in our chairs. This type of movement has been shown to reduce back pain and improve blood circulation in the legs.

You should also check out this article from called “How Standing Desks Improve Academic Performance,” which discusses the positive effects of using stand-up desks in schools. It includes information from several different studies that show how much better students do when they use stand-up desks instead of sitting at traditional school desks all day long.

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