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Techniques A Chiropractor Uses In Treating Whiplash

Whiplash is a neck injury caused by the forward and backward moving of the neck due to trauma. Trauma causes acute but brief pain in the neck and restricts neck mobility. The chiropractor examines the entire spine of the whiplash patient, not just the neck, to assess long-term effects.

How does a chiropractic doctor diagnose a whiplash injury?

A Murfreesboro chiropractor examines the spine as a whole, including acute neck pain related to trauma, to determine the degree of severity. He detects partial joint motion, muscular spasm, intervertebral disc damage, and ligament harm.

The chiropractor employs a static plantation technique and movement to make a diagnosis injury treatment. It is a touch based injury diagnosis method. The chiropractor will evaluate your posture, gait, and spinal alignment. All of this data aids them in comprehending body mechanics and how the spine functions, as well as aiding in the diagnosis process.

He might order an x-ray or an MRI of the spine to evaluate degenerative changes that may have occurred there before the whiplash injury. The diagnosis pictures and the neurological and physical evaluation results are utilized to create a customized treatment strategy.

What are the chiropractic treatments for whiplash?

The treatment is based on the whiplash injury. Spinal manipulation, which is the most apparent chiropractic technique, is one of the most frequently utilized methods. The following are the primary spinal manipulation techniques:

Flexion Distraction Technique

This is a hands-on technique. It’s a non-thrusting and mild type of spinal manipulation used to help with herniated discs. The disc herniation or bulging irritation may have been caused due to a whiplash injury. The chiropractor uses pumping action to the discs rather than applying direct force to the spine.

The Instrument assisted Adjustment

This is a non-thrusting technique that chiropractors tend to utilize. He uses a specialized instrument. It is mainly utilized for older people who have degenerative joint disease.

The specific spinal adjustment

With this technique, the chiropractor finds out where the spinal joints are restricted or exhibiting abnormal movement. She/he restores motion to the joint with a simple thrusting procedure by utilizing this approach. The chiropractor may perform various techniques, including spinal manipulation, to help you feel better and function more efficiently. Manual therapy is another option for the chiropractor when treating injured soft tissue.

Other techniques include resistance methods and hand joint stretching. Manual therapy is one form of manual treatment on the joints (Muscle energy therapy).

Trigger Point therapy

By applying direct pressure on the particular joints to relieve muscular tension, the chiropractor may find a hypertonic or painful joint of the muscle. He may choose to use other therapies to aid with inflammation caused by whiplash.

Other therapies used by the chiropractor

Interferential electrical stimulation utilizes a low frequency of the electrical current to help enhance muscle activation that can reduce inflammation.

Ultrasound Therapy for the Neck– When blood flow increases, ultrasound aids in the reduction of muscular stiffness and discomfort. It does so by sending sound waves into muscle tissue at a deep level. This causes heat to build, which boosts blood circulation.

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