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Chiropractor Discusses Different Types Of Headaches

Headaches are one of those health problems that can be mildly irritating, severe and debilitating, or any combination of the two. They might develop gradually or suddenly, and no matter how severe they are, almost everyone desires relief as quickly as possible. Because a Murfreesboro chiropractor can treat various headaches, scheduling an appointment if you’re suffering from any of the following is essential. Below, we will look at the different types of headaches that a Murfreesboro chiropractor can treat.

Tension Headaches

One of the most prevalent types of headaches is the tension headache. This condition can cause pain behind your eyes, in your head, and neck. This pain could be mild, moderate, or severe. According to some people who characterized this condition, a tension headache might feel like a tight band around the forehead. However, some of the typical symptoms of tension headaches include; a pressing or tightening sensation and mild to severe pains, which could last for about 30 minutes to one week.

On average, this condition could occur once or twice a month. However, tension headaches can become chronic if not addressed promptly. Tension headaches aren’t usually accompanied by nausea or vomiting, although they can be accompanied by sensitivity to light or sound. Meanwhile, it is pertinent to note that tension headaches are not linked to another medical condition.

Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches are less prevalent than tension headaches and are most often misdiagnosed. A migraine sufferer will often blame any severe headache pain on a migraine, although this isn’t always the case. Migraine is a persistent headache that lasts up to 72 hours and is characterized by unilateral pulsing pain of moderate to severe intensity. Migraine headache is characterized by nausea or light sensitivity, and it is frequently exacerbated by routine physical activity. 

A neurological discomfort known as an aura is experienced by about 20% of migraine sufferers before receiving a migraine. Meanwhile, visual or other sensory abnormalities are common manifestations of auras. At times, auras can appear in the middle of a migraine headache attack. However, it is pertinent to know that migraines aren’t usually linked to other health problems.

Cluster Headaches

Cluster headaches are distinct from tension headaches and migraines, affecting only about 1% of the population. According to statistics, cluster headaches often affect men between the ages of 20 and 40.  The pain around the eyes or down the side of the head is quite terrible in this type of headache. Attacks can last anywhere from 15 minutes to three hours, and they have been known to happen up to eight times in a single day. Furthermore, cluster headaches might be accompanied by tearing, sweating on the forehead, and nasal congestion. Meanwhile, during an attack, some people become restless or disturbed due to extreme discomfort.

Wrapping it up, a Murfreesboro chiropractor will assess every element of your lifestyle, medical history, and body to find a quick solution if you suffer from any of the above types of headaches and want a natural, non-invasive way to relieve your pain. So, don’t hesitate to contact Murfreesboro Chiropractic now to set up an appointment or learn more about this condition. We eagerly await your response.

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