Chiropractic Care to Treat Colic Babies IN Murfreesboro

Many people take their colicky babies to a chiropractic office

Is your baby whimpering restlessly? When most people are experiencing discomfort in a particular area of their body, they can communicate it and seek aid. Babies, on the other hand, are unable to express themselves as fully as adults. Consequently, any type of pain or discomfort may be distressing for a baby, resulting in continuous crying. It is natural for a baby to howl occasionally, but sustained wailing might be an indication of an even more severe underlying problem.

Causes Of Colic in Babies

Infant colic was thought to be caused by digestive difficulties until recently. Colic is now a largely unexplained condition and is simply characterized as continual crying in infants under the age of three months old, which persists for weeks. The International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) defines weeping that lasts more than three hours each day, three days a week as colic.

According to research, the majority of newborns have spinal anomalies. With careful, delicate taps on your baby’s back, a chiropractor can cure these misalignments. An aligned back is the most favorable situation for your baby’s development. When a newborn is born, 50 lbs to 70 lbs of force surrounds him or her. As a result, the baby’s spinal column is subjected to significant pressure. The force of gravity conversely causes slight spinal misalignment and discomfort in the newborn. This is generally left untreated, and it is frequently the reason for the colic in infants we see at our practice.

Chiropractic Care To Treat Colic Babies

If a baby has a misalignment of the spine, it is likely to be interfering with his or her growth. Our workers are skilled in using the lightest of touches to correct these abnormalities and relieve tension in your infant’s back. Chiropractors can make tiny adjustments to your baby’s body for it to function at its best, allowing them to grow pain-free; the abrupt cessation of crying is another bonus. Chiropractic treatment is also quite safe, effective, and beneficial for babies.

A Chiropractor in Murfreesboro is ready to assist you if you need help for your colicky infant or simply want to have your baby checked up. For more information or to take advantage of our New Patient Special Offer, please contact us.