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Treat the symptoms of fussy babies with chiropractic care in Murfreesboro

Chiropractic Care To Treat Colic In Babies

Many new parents face a tough challenge when their baby has colic. Colic means a baby cries a lot and parents feel worried and tired. Chiropractic therapy can help without using medicine or surgery. It usually happens in the evening. It can be hard for parents to calm their baby. Chiropractic therapy, a gentle treatment for the baby’s body, can be helpful.

While we don’t know exactly why babies get colic, experts think it might be because of tummy problems. This could be because their digestive system is still growing, causing gas or acid reflux. Sometimes, it’s due to food allergies or sensitivities. There could be other reasons like being overwhelmed or even exposure to tobacco smoke. Let’s learn more about colic, what it looks like, and how to treat its symptoms.

What is Colic or Colicky baby?

A colicky baby is a newborn or young child who cries a lot and can be very hard to soothe. This fussiness often starts when the baby is about three weeks old and can go on for three to six months. It’s like the baby is really upset, and it can last for hours or even days. It’s tough for parents because they can’t always figure out why the baby is crying.

But it’s important to remember that many babies with colic eventually outgrow it, and there are ways to help comfort them during this challenging time.

Some Common Causes Of Colic in Babies

In the past, people thought that baby colic was caused by digestive problems. But now, we see it as when a very young baby cries a lot for no clear reason. This crying can go on for weeks and happens for about three hours a day, three days a week.

Chiropractors can gently fix small issues in a baby’s back that might be causing discomfort. When a baby is in the womb, they have pressure on their spine. This pressure can lead to tiny problems in their back. Even the force of gravity can cause these issues. If these problems are not fixed, they can be a reason for colic in newborns. So, chiropractic care aims to make sure a baby’s spine is aligned well for their growth and comfort.

What Are the Symptoms of Colic?

Infants’ fidgeting and crying are typical, particularly in the first three months after delivery. And it’s tough to define what constitutes normal crying. Some symptoms of colic may include:

  • Alterations in posture. Several postural changes are associated with colic. The infant may frequently tighten his or her fists, twist their legs, and stiffen their stomach muscles.
  • The infant is completely distraught. A colicky baby will appear disturbed. The cry is usually extremely high-pitched, and the infant may not react to efforts to console it. The baby’s face may also be flushed, and they may release gas or have a bowel movement after the crying bout.
  • Regular crying bouts. Colic often happens in the evening and daily at roughly the same time. As a result, a baby suffering from colic will often become fussy at the exact moment, and the period of discomfort may continue anywhere from a few minutes to many hours.
  • There does not appear to be a cause or purpose for the crying. All infants cry – yet they usually do so when they want something. On the other hand, a colicky infant may cry for seemingly no reason.

How a chiropractor can help babies with colic?

Yes, chiropractors can often help newborns with colic. According to a study from the NCBI showed that spinal manipulation, a technique used by chiropractors, can be effective in treating infantile colic. In this study, babies who received chiropractic care cried 67% less than those who were given medicine, which only reduced crying by 38%. The International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association has many chiropractors and clinics that can provide this care.

Chiropractic therapy has several benefits. It can help the body work properly. Sometimes, spinal misalignments can affect a baby’s digestion, leading to colic pain. Gentle adjustments by chiropractors can remove these obstructions, improve digestion, and ease colic discomfort. Chiropractic care is a safe and effective option for parents looking to help their colicky children.

Chiropractors understand that a misaligned spine and nervous system can lead to discomfort. When the nervous system is balanced, other body systems work better. Our chiropractors use natural, drug-free methods to help colicky infants, toddlers, and older kids find relief.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Chiropractic Treat Colic, And Is It Safe For My Baby?

Yes, chiropractic works and is incredibly safe for even the most vulnerable infants. If you are a parent wary of chiropractic therapy for your child, remember that significant research has been conducted to prove this.

What Is A Way To Diagnose Colic?

One method of diagnosing colic is ensuring the infant isn’t suffering from other ailments. Most of the time, screening samples in a laboratory isn’t needed. Physicians often do a physical examination on the child to determine whether or not they have any intestinal blockage.

If the infant is confirmed to be healthy, the physician may infer that they’re colicky. However, we recommend not assuming your infant has colic and treating it. It’s usually a good idea to get your newborn physically examined by an expert.

What are home remedies for Colicky babies?

Dietary adjustments or even changing positions for the infant might provide comfort for babies suffering from colic. Some physicians may even prescribe drugs. While drugs can temporarily alleviate symptoms, the effects are not long-lasting.

Crying and other signals of pain frequently recur after drugs wear off. Medicines given to newborns may have adverse effects that aggravate rather than improve the conditions.

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