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Fear Of Chiropractic Adjustments

Being Scared of a Chiropractor is Reasonable. Most of us think that chiropractors are muscular men with huge hands, ready to set our backs on fire. Similarly, when we have a dental appointment in sight, all we remember is the dentist behind the mask and glasses who causes excruciating pain while he drills into our mouth.

Although fear may linger before visiting either a healthcare provider or therapist, rest assured that both will inevitably leave you in a better place than when you arrived. In reality, these visits are more likely to be beneficial than detrimental to your health and well-being.


You may feel apprehensive about exploring chiropractic treatment, wondering if it’s within your financial means, or worth the time investment. However, every concern you have against seeing a chiropractor has an answer, here is all you need to confidently take steps towards healthier living through a visit with your local practitioner.

Don’t Adjustments Hurt?

The answer is no. Too many people ask this question to chiropractors; back pain can be unbearable, but adjustments are soothing and beneficial. Feedback from those who have had chiropractic adjustment reveals that it not only relieves the chronic pain they experience but also makes them feel much better in general. 

Additionally, do remember that you can speak up anytime during your appointment if you don’t feel comfortable with anything. Experienced practitioners always prioritize their patients’ comfort as part of their professional code of conduct above everything else.

I’m Scared An Adjustment Isn’t Safe

The adjustments are safe. Don’t take our word for it; medical researchers have conducted numerous studies about the potential side effects of chiropractic adjustment. It is an increasingly popular topic amongst the scientific community, so research and statistics regarding this type of work continue to expand each year.

Muscle soreness is the most frequent side effect of getting a chiropractic adjustment. It can seem strange to get a treatment that causes discomfort, but this kind of pain lets us know our body’s healing itself. The truth is, even if you experience this common side effect after an adjustment, it isn’t likely to happen very often.

I Don’t Want Some Random Person Touching Me

While it is understandable to prioritize one’s personal space, there are a few considerations worth discussing when delving into this topic. 

A chiropractor is a doctor and should always be seen as such, considering they are thoroughly trained during nine years of schooling to earn the license to practice. If you have any concerns regarding your chiropractor’s qualifications, don’t hesitate to inquire about their credentials.

It is essential to maintain clear communication during your appointment. If you’re ever feeling uneasy, just communicate this to the chiropractor and he will be sure to listen attentively.

An adjustment may not take place on the first appointment; however, this gives you ample time to connect with your doctor and comprehend if their services will be beneficial for you. Establishing a good relationship is key to achieving optimal results.

I Don’t Know If A Chiropractor Can Help Me

When people come to a chiropractor for the first time, they often mention with the uncertainty that “I’m not sure if you can aid me…” It is completely understandable for one to be skeptical of chiropractic care, given that knowledge about the practice remains limited among much of the public.

With rigorous training and years of expertise, chiropractors are well-versed in the human body. So when you share your troubles with them, they can accurately assess if their services will be beneficial to you. Listening attentively to patient concerns is a top priority for every chiropractor.

Chiropractors Are Expensive

The saying goes, “health is wealth.” Although medical services can be pricey and co-pays accumulate quickly over time, it pays to invest in less expensive treatments that will benefit your health in the long run. Visiting a chiropractor can not only save you money on pricey back surgery, but it can also help to prevent the need for such invasive procedures in the future.

You don’t have to worry about the cost of a chiropractic visit; many insurances cover treatments, and most offices offer free initial consultations. During this meeting, your doctor will evaluate you and inform your insurance whether additional treatment is necessary.

If you don’t have insurance, numerous chiropractors are willing to work with patients who are on a tight budget. These professionals can set up payment plans that fit your financial plan and direct you toward the most cost-effective treatments available.

I’ve Heard That Once You Start Going To A Chiropractor, You Can Never Stop

That is a misbelief. You may be motivated to keep visiting your chiropractor after feeling the incredible power of an adjustment but follow-up visits are not compulsory once treatment has ended.

While regular maintenance adjustments can be beneficial for everyone, they are especially useful whether you’re a first-time visitor or have been receiving treatment at your chiropractic office.

Nobody Has Time For A Chiropractic Visit!

No one has the time or energy to be slowed down by back pain or invasive surgery. Proactively visiting a chiropractor can save you more time in the long run rather than taking off from work due to ailments that weren’t diagnosed.

Don’t let aching muscles and joints ruin your fun, taking regular breaks can help you stay healthy so that you can keep doing the things you love. Don’t forget to take some time for yourself out of your hectic schedule!

That Snap-Crackle-Pop Sound

If you have a fear of the sound your bones make while they’re being adjusted, it is essential to understand that this noise is entirely natural and not at all dangerous. Whenever your joints are realigned during an adjustment session, you will hear them pop; but rest assured knowing that such sounds indicate relief from discomfort soon.

I’m Too Young To Visit A Chiropractor

You may not be aware, but newborns can gain a lot from chiropractic adjustments! It is completely normal for even very young kids to go see chiropractors as they are so active and an exam could help avoid potential future problems. Therefore, there isn’t any age that’s too youthful or inexperienced to benefit from the value of visiting a skilled chiropractor.

Similarly, elder citizens may not be aware of the incredible advantages that chiropractic care can offer them! With regular adjustments and massages, they can restore their mobility and remain energetic regardless of how old they are.

My Friend Can Pop My Back, So Why Should I Visit A Chiropractor?

Chiropractors are medical professionals who offer much more than a temporary fix for your back pain. A chiropractor can examine to determine the underlying cause of the issue, rather than just popping your back and providing short-term relief.

Without a doubt, seeking expert help is the best course of action when dealing with any problem. However, this rings especially true for matters concerning your health and well-being; hence we emphasize the importance of professional assistance in these cases.

I’m An Athlete, So I Don’t Need A Chiropractor

Professional athletes commonly visit chiropractors to gain a competitive edge. Chiropractic care is essential for athlete health and well-being, as these experts understand how the body works better than anyone else. With their knowledge of anatomy, they can improve an athlete’s balance and coordination on the field, ultimately leading to higher performance.

Make sure you have an experienced chiropractor on hand, in case of any injuries. Skipping out on seeing one after a sports injury is a rookie error; it will only keep you from the field for longer than necessary.

I’m Not In Pain, Why Would I Visit A Chiropractor?

Far too often, individuals assume chiropractors are solely meant to ease back and nerve agony. In truth, your body communicates with you through physical pain as a last resort, it might take years of gradual wear and tear before your neck or spine begins to send signals for help! Through proper treatment from an experienced practitioner, long-term injury can be averted.

This is where the notion of older people visiting chiropractors originates. If poor posture and negligent care are daily habits, it’s only a matter of time before pain arises. But understanding the root causes beforehand will make all the difference in preventing injury later on.

I’ve Visited A Chiropractor Before, And It Didn’t Help

Consider back pain, did it suddenly appear one day? Odds are, that wasn’t the case. Backache starts as a minor issue and develops over time; similarly, recovery is also gradual. A single adjustment won’t get rid of your pain completely right away.

A chiropractor’s adjustment will provide you with some relief, however, they also offer advice and exercises to do at home. It is your homework to improve yourself and reduce the number of visits to the office. Completing these assignments can be difficult, but following their results in a better outcome.

I Don’t Know What To Expect From A Chiropractor Visit

During your initial visit with a chiropractor, make sure to communicate any anxieties or worries you have and ask what type of treatments they will be providing for your situation. See if the doctor can provide an outline of when certain results are possible so that you know how often you’ll need visits going forward. This way, you’ll have a better understanding of the duration it takes to see positive progress from treatment.

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