Chiropractic is a non-surgical treatment that can help eradicate your neck pain and related signs. It’s an alternative to surgery, which means it’s safe, effective, and affordable. You don’t need to live with the discomfort of chronic neck pain anymore!

Murfreesboro chiropractor works with you to get rid of that pain and restore the mobility in your neck. It’s a simple process that doesn’t require surgery or medication. You just need to visit them for an evaluation, and they will be able to create a plan for you. The list below is a segment of the particular types of neck (cervical) conditions that your Murfreesboro Chiropractor can work with:

  • Cervical spine misalignments
  • The degenerative joint disease of the neck
  • Facet joint sprains/strains

How Does a Chiropractor Diagnose Neck Pain?

A chiropractor will evaluate your spine to determine the cause of your neck pain. He or she will look at how you walk and analyze your general position and course of action of the spine. These things can impact how a person experiences neck pain. Your chiropractor may also show you stretches and exercises, and lifestyle modifications that can help reduce neck pain. Before starting care, he or she will finish a detailed examination to find out what is causing your specific type of neck pain.

Neck pain is a common problem that several factors can cause. The most common cause of neck pain is muscle strain, which occurs when the muscles in your neck become overworked and inflamed. Other causes include injury to the ligaments or joints of your spine, pinched nerves, herniated discs, and arthritis. In some cases, there may not be an apparent reason for your neck pain.

By understanding the cause, your Murfreesboro chiropractor will treat it more effectively and help you avoid long-term problems.

Chiropractic Treatments for Neck Pain

Several different things can cause neck pain, but the good news is that it’s treatable. If you’re looking for relief, your chiropractor may use a mix of spinal adjustments, manual therapy, and nutrition as an element of your treatment plan.
The Flexion-Distraction Technique is an effective way of treating many types of neck and back pain. It’s been shown to be very successful in treating disc herniations, degenerative disc disease, and other conditions that cause chronic pain. This manual therapy method can help restore function and reduce pain without resorting to surgery or medication.

A chiropractor uses a variety of manual techniques to treat your neck pain. We also offer massage therapy and trigger point treatment. Ultrasound is another option that relaxes tight muscles with sound waves. Restorative exercises are also available for patients who want to improve their range of motion and prevent worsening problems.

During chiropractic treatment, doctors will perform a thorough examination to determine the cause of your neck pain and create an individualized treatment plan best suited for your needs. We’ll also make sure to explain everything in detail before we begin any treatments. You can expect us to take our time with you and answer all your questions until they are responded to completely.


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