Weakness is different than the opposite of strong. You can not be strong and still be capable. Strength is doing what you need and want to do; it doesn’t matter if that means lifting heavy things, fighting in combat, or wrestling competitively. Being weak isn’t just about lacking those traits; it’s also about not having the ability to do something at all. You can be strong without looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger or an NFL football player. 

Weakness is a feeling that can be isolating. It’s not like competition, which has relationships built-in. Every competitive move is instinctively calculated. But weakness takes those 1000s of mental gymnastics and puts them on your shoulders alone to deal with. 

Instead of engaging in life, we all have something we want to accomplish, which we will get a little bit fired up about. But sometimes, our bodies don’t cooperate with us when we need them the most. That’s why you should reach out and communicate with the right trusted resources who understand what it feels like not always to have everything go right the first time.

Feeling weak is a horrible experience. It’s like being lost and alone in the world, not knowing what to do next. You can be strong and still feel weak at times, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Some people understand how you feel right now because they have been through it themselves or know someone who has gone through this before. They can help you find your strength again so that you don’t have to live with weakness anymore.

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