Pregnancy is a substantial physical transformation and demand, not to mention the various phases of delivery. “I’ve been told chiropractic treatment might help me be more active during pregnancy,” is a frequent inquiry over the phone. “And feel happier too!” (If they’re honest).

The surprising thing is that there are actually about the same number of dads around this time. It’s possible that a baby has recently been born to a young family, or perhaps a second child is on the way. And now Dad is dealing with all sorts of difficulties. They typically say, “All I need is to get back in shape.”
It makes sense because babies are tough. When you lean over and twist to pick them up, the crawlers run away. They seem to want to be held and carried more as they get bigger, even when they can walk.

When it comes to walking, most parents feel like they already know everything there is to know. When children are ready and eager to start moving independently, they have yet to figure out how that can be the most difficult. It’s not simple being a human training wheel when you’re an adult with complete control of your faculties.
After all this, the pesky little people return. Every last illness, worry, and trauma rears its ugly head once more. The concerns that kept you off the ice, out of ski weekends, or causing your college roommates (or your mother) to wait on you hand and foot. They manage to creep back into your life.

According to the old folks, just like their own grown-up children. They’re returning, looking for money or a vehicle, for example. When you believe they’ve moved on, those injuries and shortcomings have a way of resurfacing at the most inconvenient moment.

So, when the young parents of small children (or not-so-young parents, as they always are these days) come in saying, “I have no idea what happened!” It’s less of a mystery than you might imagine. You hit the challenge of parenthood right when the challenge is known as “not-in-your-20s-anymore” began.

It’s incredible how much easier it is to get in touch with the past when you’ve had a child. It’s also quite freeing, I’ll admit. But I’m not going to tell you what the future holds for your kid without knowing who/what they are first. You know what? It’s all right. When you arrive, you’ll discover that your expectations are similar to those of expectant parents. They want to know all there is to know about life with the new baby, much as expecting parents want to learn everything there is to know about parenthood.

After you have been there for a while, you start to learn the rules. It’s just that all the books are about the kids and not about you.
“Take it from your chiropractor, young, old, and in-between, and they’ve seen it all. They can assist with anything you wish you’d known about life (with a body that doesn’t make sense until after the fact) and wished you had learned sooner.”

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